Assessment & Evaluation

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ADHD Screeners

Are you wondering if your child’s difficulty with listening (the first time) or thinking before they act might be something more than a phase? We have developed our ADHD Screener after years of hearing parents say: “I have always wondered if something might be going on with my child’s focus/behavior/learning but it has been hard to know what we should do, especially because everyone says they are doing fine!” 

An ADHD Screener is a great first step if:

  • Your child is unfocused unless they really care about something, like their favorite hobbies, video games, or friends
  • The moment you think it’s time to do something, the problems seem to fade away for a few months
  • The behaviors causing your undercurrent of worry don’t seem to be a problem in school
  • You don’t feel comfortable investing in a comprehensive evaluation until you have evidence of a problem
  • You’re on a waitlist for a comprehensive evaluation and want information now

Our ADHD Screener utilizes standardized testing measures to provide an initial assessment of ADHD. After speaking with you and gathering test data, we will give you a personalized plan for next steps. Screeners may not result in a formal diagnosis of ADHD.

Dyslexia Screeners

Is your child a struggling reader? Do they seem to have difficulty with letter names, sounds, words, or comprehension? Does your child tend to read the same book over and over again because they have memorized those familiar words? Is there a family history of dyslexia and you are wondering if that could be the case for your child? A dyslexia screener administered by our devoted Learning Specialists could be the key to finding out whether or not your child could be dyslexic.

A Dyslexia Screener is right if: 

  • Questions about your child’s reading level keep passing through your mind and it’s time to find answers
  • You’re wondering about your child’s reading skills but aren’t sure what to do next
  • You want to work with a team that knows the ins and outs of dyslexia 
  • You’ve been told “Just wait, they will catch up!” but waiting doesn’t feel like the right plan

If you are feeling apprehensive about having a psychoeducational assessment done for your child, start with this first. Our dyslexia screener is a one-hour in-person appointment consisting of a research-based battery of tests with one of our highly trained learning specialists. Within a week of the screener, you will receive a detailed report outlining next steps for your child. We want you to feel empowered with this information so a 30-minute review meeting with your Learning Specialist is included as part of our screening process to help you feel confident moving forward. Our screeners will not result in a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.

COVID Learning Check-Up Assessment

Many parents have found themselves wondering if their child has fallen behind during the pandemic. For some families, learning concerns were on the radar before things went virtual. For others, the learning concerns feel new and confusing. 

COVID Learning Check-Up Assessments are helpful when:

  • You’re worried your child hasn’t learned enough in the last few years of school
  • You don’t know where to start with understanding your child’s learning profile
  • You’re not sure if something is going on and want to see data and get answers

Our COVID Learning Check-Up Assessment is designed to answer these questions in one half-day appointment. We will assess your child’s cognitive, academic, and emotional/behavioral functioning to determine their grade-level in school and identify how pandemic stress may be impacting them. Parents will answer questions and complete rating scales while their child is testing. After the assessment has been completed, we will go over the results and you will receive a detailed assessment report with key recommendations for next steps. 

Example Next Steps: Screeners or COVID Learning Check-Up

  1. Good news, your student is excelling despite the turbulence of COVID and there is nothing to worry about right now!
  2. We suggest connecting with a therapist, educational interventionist, or occupational/speech therapist to get helpful support for your child.
  3. Based on the results, the best next step is diagnostic testing to clarify why your child is struggling and to identify what we can do to help. If diagnostic testing is recommended, the fee for your Diagnostic Interview will be waived when the evaluation is scheduled within a month.

Do you have specific questions and need more information to confirm a diagnosis?

Brief Psychological, Psychoeducational, or Neuropsychological Evaluations

Were you referred by a knowledgeable professional (e.g., pediatrician, school counselor, therapist) with a specific question in mind? Or have had previous screening or assessment and need more information to confirm a diagnosis? Brief evaluations are ideal when additional specific information is needed to make a diagnosis or inform educational planning.

Brief Evaluations work ideal when:

  • You have a specific question, such as “Is this ADHD?” or “Is this stress from the pandemic or an anxiety disorder?”
  • You completed an ADHD/Dyslexia Screener or COVID Learning Check-Up and we suggested this as a follow-up step
  • IQ and/or academic achievement testing are required for school admissions or accommodations
  • You had a comprehensive evaluation before and do not need another in-depth assessment but want to know how your child is progressing

Comprehensive Psychological, Psychoeducational,
or Neuropsychological Evaluations

Have you had questions about your child’s development or been in treatment to help them learn new skills? Did someone suggest an evaluation, like your child’s pediatrician, teacher, or a close friend, but you’re confused about what they think might be going on?

Comprehensive evaluations involve three phases of in-depth consultation, testing, and planning. We will assess your child’s cognitive, developmental, academic, memory/learning, attention, motor/sensory, executive functioning, emotional, and behavioral skills to explore how they feel, think, and learn. 

Phase 1:

First, we will meet for a parent interview to hear your child’s story so we can understand who you are and what brought you to see us now. Dr. Woomert will collaborate with your school team, therapist, or other professionals in your life (e.g., coaches, educational therapists) to ensure she understands the perspectives of those who know your family best in order to provide excellent, well-rounded care.

Phase 2:

Dr. Woomert will use a suite of standardized test instruments to assess your child’s cognitive, academic, memory/learning, attention, motor/sensory, and executive functioning skills. The testing results will tell us where your child performs compared to other kids their age or grade. We will combine this data with clinical observations from the time we spent with your child to develop a deep understanding of how your child feels, thinks, and learns.

Phase 3: 

Once we have defined your child’s diagnostic and learning profiles, we will make a plan about what to do next, without any guessing. You will be provided with step-by-step guidance and evidence-based recommendations informed by the latest research in psychology and education. The final evaluation product is a comprehensive report that documents all of this information and shows you how to move forward and improve your family’s life.

Example Next Steps: Evaluation

  1. Psychological services, such as psychiatry or therapy, would be a great way to get the extra support you need right now.
  2. Educational services with our Learning Specialists, such as individualized academic intervention, executive function coaching, and homework how-to are a great place to start so your weekday evenings get easier and arguments about school don’t happen as much.
  3. Consultation and coaching where your provider team helps organize and implement the intervention plans we made together, including working with other professionals and leading meetings with your school team. Let us keep track of the details so you don’t have to.